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Meta and Pecan AI Join Forces: Business Partnership for Marketing Measurement

Pecan AI, the leader in AI-based predictive analytics for analysts and business teams, today announced that it has been named a Meta Business Partner within the Measurement specialty.

Remote Work Rebels Beware: Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘In-Person Time Policy’ Targets Resistance

Mark Zuckerberg, once a champion of fully remote work, has doubled down on Meta’s crackdown on working from home-with the company threatening to discipline anyone who doesn’t abide by the looming rule changes.

Growing Stronger: Peapack-Gladstone Bank Expands Team with Promotions, New Talent

Peapack-Gladstone Financial and Peapack-Gladstone Bank announced new employees and promotions.

Transforming Recruitment Costs: CareerBuilder Unveils Pay per Resume Solution

CareerBuilder, a global leader in human resources solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Pay Per Resume, a groundbreaking offering that transforms the recruitment landscape.

Loch Associates Group Expands in Sussex with Strategic Acquisition of Sightscreen HR

Loch Associates Group, the Brighton based multi-service law and HR business, has hit the acquisition trail by acquiring Sightscreen, an HR, training and coaching specialist operating across the South East.

Transformative People Development: Global Mentor Exchange Introduces AI-Powered Metaverse

Global Mentor Exchange (GME) an AI-powered learning and development metaverse platform has launched the world’s first psychology-based AI-Powered people development metaverse.

Turbulent Times for Corporate DEI Initiatives: Cutbacks and Legal Scrutiny on the Rise

Just three years after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis set off a torrent of hiring of chief diversity officers and other such roles, companies are coming under attack from conservative legal activists.

Navigating AI Adoption Challenges: Companies Face Obstacles of High Costs and Confusion

Behind the hype of generative AI, large companies are struggling to deploy the new technology – hitting cost and data management hurdles that are leaving many of their generative AI projects stuck in pilot phase.

Wisconsin GOP Proposes Abolishing Work Permit Regulations for 14- and 15-Year-Olds

Children ages 14 and 15 would no longer need a work permit or parental permission to get a job under a bill Republican Wisconsin lawmakers released on Friday.

Affordable Game-Changer: RecruiterNetworks.com Debuts Unlimited Recruiting Platform for Chains & Franchises

RecruiterNetworks.com was determined to even the playing field in the highly competitive recruiting process. In one of tightest labor markets in decades, large and small companies are desperately competing for a small pool of applicants.

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