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About Us

HR Pulse Daily is an abode for the latest scoop on the current news, market trends, and company announcements in the HR domain. We bring to you a wide range of topics ranging from Human Resource Technology to Payroll and Recruitment. Visit us daily for your daily dose of HR related content. 

Here, you will find market-wise informative blogs and well-researched resources like White Papers, eBooks, eGuides, and Infographics – everything in the HR domain. 

With HR Pulse Daily, you can stay connected with a rapidly evolving HR world. Here, you will have the opportunity to engage with fellow readers and industry experts through our discussion portals.

Mission Statement

To give our readers an enthralling and productive reading experience with latest news, trending articles, and limited edition resources – all on a single platform.


To connect with fellow readers with the power of HR knowledge-sharing.