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Top 5 Anonymous Employee Feedback Tools For A Smoother Process

Top 5 Anonymous Employee Feedback Tools For A Smoother Process
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Employees’ feedback is as vital as their work. 

Sometimes employees might shy away from giving honest feedback, and opt to give ‘safe’ feedback that is less likely to offend.

Thus, Anonymous employee feedback tools can aid this problem and allow them to give honest feedback without fearing reprisal. With these tools, HRs can foster a healthy company culture. 

1. Nectar 

With this tool, the company can recognize great work, build community, promote core values, and redeem rewards ─ all in one employee feedback and recognition platform.

Nector promotes a culture of appreciation and openness that keeps your employees engaged and motivated. 

Why Should I Subscribe: Employee recognition is a key part of creating a positive work environment. And it helps to nurture a sense of community and belonging. This will make your employee feel appreciated and it also helps to build relationships between team members.

Pricing: $2.75+ per user per month

2. Assembly

With over 2,400 organizations using Assembly as their digital HQ, the Assembly tool is quite popular. HR can customize or reorder questions to get desired results.

Plus, you can share documents with a required person or simply with a broad audience, all by adjusting link access. 

Why Should I Subscribe: This anonymous feedback tool enables the employee to quickly download the data or see charts with real-time response data. Thus, it makes it easy to track and analyze responses over time, recognize patterns and trends, and make changes accordingly.

Pricing: FREE for team sizes up to 10 or less, and $2.80/member/month

3. Gusto 

Guusto promotes a peer-to-peer communication culture by giving actual feedback that matters. The tool comes with a nomination box feature, where employees can easily share their feedback, questions, thoughts, etc.

Why Should I Subscribe: To be on the same page as employees, direct communication is a must. 

Gusto helps firms measure what challenges their employees are facing, how well they’re doing with the work, and what ideas they have to boost the company’s market.

Pricing: Basic plan is free, and the Premium plan costs $3.50 per month

4. Bonusly 

Bonusly allows companies to recognize their team from anywhere and receive honest feedback. With Bonusly, companies can scale employee recognition and rewards programs, making it smooth to reward your team for a job well done.

Why Should I Subscribe: Bonusly integrates with software like Microsoft Teams, Slack, HipChat, and Google Hangouts Chat, thus it is easy for employees to give and receive recognition with the tools they already use every day.

Pricing: $2.70+ per user per month

5. Leapsome 

Leapsome is designed to foster a culture of rapid development and learning by giving feedback and sharing achievements with the firm.

It also has a library to enhance employees’ skills and knowledge.

Why Should I Subscribe: The platform incorporates both open-ended and predefined feedback categories. In addition, it includes tools for managers to track the progress of employees.

Pricing: Custom

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