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How To Fend Off Digital Distractions During Work

How To Fend Off Digital Distractions During Work
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Digital communication tools help people get multiple tasks done – personal or professional. But there are often when it also becomes a major distraction. Working in an office or anywhere, in general, can get the tasks done, but with distractions around and on the screen it will take time. Emails, notifications, alerts, push messages, chats, etc can be distracting if you need to concentrate on work.

In a study, Adobe found that Americans spend about 149 minutes reading emails. But the actual amount of time spent on reading what matters is less, for they also read unnecessary emails in between. The sound of the notification itself becomes irritating to some, even if they have set it. Digital distraction is contradictory to the purpose in various cases, but some cases can’t be avoided too.

How To Avoid Digital Distraction?

Avoiding digital distractions is a tough job for employees. Before it can ruin your workday again, here are some suggestions on how to tackle the issue.

  • Schedule focus time
  • Turn off notifications
  • Prioritize emails
  • Manage calendar
  • Take breaks
  • Motivate and inspire

Schedule Focus Time

When you have notifications and messages coming one after another and have to focus on work, managing time can be difficult. In cases like this, you can schedule a focus time for yourself where you focus on work, rather than get distracted. “Focus time” lets you concentrate only on work and nothing else. One can set a calendar, block notifications, or hang a board for this to let others know to not be disturbed during this time.

Turn Off Notifications

Turning off notifications from your apps or devices is another method to keep you focused on work. Notifications do distract your brain’s line of thought more than you think. Apart from that, you have to mentally teach yourself to not look into notifications during this period. You can check the notifications at regular intervals if you are working in groups.

Prioritize Emails

Emails are part of work in all major organizations. Find an app or software that can help you prioritize your emails to filter and send only the necessary emails for work. Differentiate the emails based on urgency, importance, casual, and spam along with the senders. It also helps you reply to the correct emails during work.

Manage Calendar

Calendar apps can help you schedule your daily tasks efficiently. Set time for checking emails, notifications, updates, meetings, work time, etc, and share it with your colleagues. This not only lets others know about your availability during work hours but also avoids some back-and-forth messages.

Take Breaks

If you need to concentrate on work and can’t avoid checking notifications and such, we recommend you take breaks. Firstly, concentrate on finishing off the work, then take some time to check the emails, notifications, and such. This method not only allows you to catch up with incoming messages but also gives you enough time to rest.

Motivate And Inspire

Motivation is most important during work. Remember your goals for the day and set your calendar accordingly. You can use sticky notes or reminders for it. Motivation can also help you get inspired to work harder. You can also promise yourself rewards for completing the tasks of the day on time and efficiently.

Can We Avoid Digital Distraction?

The answer to this question is both a big YES and NO. Why? If we keep ourselves away from digital notifications and technology during work hours, then YES. If we can’t, then it’s a NO.

There are multiple ways to avoid digital distractions during a workday. It all boils down to the fact that whether you can do it or not. Make it a necessity if possible. For we also know there are some fields where an employee can’t avoid staying away from digital technology for long. It all depends on individual conditions and circumstances. But still, we wish you good luck!!

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