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On 220: How Omega Energia Recruits It Experts

how Omega Energia recruits IT experts
CT – And how Omega Energia works with retention of talent in such a disputed area and where the turnover rate is considered high?


Retaining talents is a job that combines broad and, in some cases, particular characteristics for each person. But we’ve learned over time that working with a team we admire, both in terms of knowledge/technical skill and in terms of training and choosing people is the main retention factor.

Furthermore, our genuine purpose, which we practice every day, is something our people greatly admire. We are always with active listening, to adapt our practices and evolve our retention.

CT – With extended remote work due to the Covid pandemic -19, space was opened for companies to hire professionals from all sides from the country. Does Omega Energia work with this Anywhere Office model? If so, is it also valid for professionals from abroad or is it restricted to Brazil?


We have professionals working remotely in different parts of the country and abroad, and there is no restriction for us to use this model. However, we are a company that uses the network structure a lot and, consequently, the creation of new products/processes and the creation in a network is still very affected in the remote scenario.

CT – Today, what is the average remuneration offered by Omega Energia at the Junior, Full and Senior levels in your IT area? Do employees also have a benefit package?

DB: We have a fixed remuneration that is in line with the market average. However, we believe that, as co-entrepreneurs, variable remuneration is an important driver of differentiation in our culture.

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It’s not exactly a novelty that companies around the world are fighting for the slap of technology professionals. Only in Brazil, according to data from the Brazilian Association of Information Technology and Communication Companies (Brasscom), until 2024, 421 thousand jobs will be created in the sector in the country. However, higher education courses in the area train less than 19 a thousand professionals in the area annually. In other words, there is (a lot) of people in this market.

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Therefore, companies need to be surgical when attracting talent to their staff. And this involves not only offering good salaries and benefits, but also planning for hiring, which involves an alignment between the IT and Human Resources areas. And, in the latter, the sector increasingly requires professionals with specific knowledge so that the selection of candidates is accurate.

This is where the tech recruiter, an HR professional specialized in hiring, comes in. of talents for the technology area. This specialist is able to understand not only the so-called soft skills, but also the hard skills (specific IT knowledge), so that the candidate is aligned with the company’s digital transformation projects.

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And to explain how the process of hiring professionals for your IT area works, Canaltech talks weekly with tech recruiters of the biggest companies in Brazil, in addition to startups. In the chat, they will explain how the entire process is carried out, which profiles are most sought after and how these companies attract — and retain — these talents.And in today’s issue, we spoke with Daniel Biaggio, CTO of Omega Energia, one of the largest renewable generation companies in Brazil. And in the interview, he talks about how the company selects IT professionals, the role of tech recruiters, the recruiting process and much more.

Daniel Biaggio, CTO of Omega Energia (Image: disclosure)Check out how the conversation went:Canaltech – Currently, how is the pace of hiring of IT professionals at Omega Energia? Does the company have plans for growth in the area for the coming months?Daniel Biaggio:

Our hiring pace has been fast since 2024 and the expectation is to continue growing in the coming months.

CT – When starting the process of hiring IT professionals, how is the planning between HR and the Technology area at Omega Energia done? What information is exchanged between the two sectors?

DB: We have a coordinated and unified work. The People team meets with the Tech team bimonthly to discuss people broadly. In addition to the concern with hiring, we also seek to know how we are being attractive, whether our culture is well represented and what actions we can take to train people.

CT – What knowledge does Omega Energia’s HR professional currently have to select IT professionals for the company’s staff? Does she have access to some type of course so that she can select with more property for this area?


They are professionals with high knowledge and skills in the People area, however, what really makes the difference is our culture of networking. In practice, it is the People professional working directly in the Tech area and understanding the day-to-day, our stack, the needs for technological updating, etc.

CT – And what Does Omega Energia look for an IT professional today? The company prefers to invest in one more professional, so to speak, ready? Or do you opt for someone who can be molded indoors? Or is there space for these two profiles?


We are an EnerTech company, that is, Energy + Technology. But, far beyond that, we are looking for someone with hard skills and the will to transform Brazil through clean, cheap and simple energy, which is the principle that drives us. It’s that sparkle in the eye that for us is the main component. Therefore, we have space for both highly specialized people, the best in their areas of expertise and for those who are starting their careers.CT – De In general, how does the selection process of a professional in the area of ​​Technology at Omega Energia work? How many steps does the candidate go through before being hired?DB: We really like the simplicity and effectiveness of the processes. Thus, we have three possible steps: 1. Interview with Area Leader + Tech Recruiter 2. Technical test 3. Proposal letter. During the interview, we prioritized an informal chat to get to know the cultural fit and also the experiences in the area. adherent to their knowledge. In the third and final step, we invite the candidate, when possible, to visit our office and in most cases, meet our CEO and Founder. We believe that this is a special moment and that it deserves our greatest attention

CT – A recent survey by HR Tech Vulpi points out that

% of IT professionals abandon the selection process when there is a very long technical test in the selection process. So, how can Omega Energia solve this question: the need to know the candidates’ qualifications, without having to apply excessively long tests?


We were about of eight months adapting our test precisely to avoid this type of situation. We have been using the HackerRank platform for about six months, which is a test that takes, on average, less than 1 hour. We believe that this is a low time for a well-suited evaluation.

CT – How Omega Energia has been dealing with the shortage of IT professionals in the Marketplace? What precautions has the company been taking to get the profile of the professional hired right?

DB : Our main search is related to cultural fit, as we have never lived in a period with such wide availability of learning methods. Therefore, if the person has the desire to transform and leave their legacy, the knowledge and technical skills will be leveraged during their work with us.