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Genomma Lab International Has Announced a Plan for the Next Leader

Genomma Lab International Has Announced a Plan for the Next Leader
Genomma Lab Internacional, S.A.B. de C.V. (BMV: LABB) ("Genomma Lab" or "the Company"), one of the leading pharmaceutical and personal care product companies in Mexico with an expanding international presence.

Genomma Lab Internacional, S.A.B. de C.V. (BMV: LABB) (“Genomma Lab” or “the Company”), one of the leading pharmaceutical and personal care product companies in Mexico with an expanding international presence, announces a leadership succession plan that positions the Company to continue driving profitable growth and delivering on the Company’s vision, as CEO Jorge Brake has informed the Board of his intention to transition from the CEO role while maintaining active involvement in the Company’s future. Mr. Brake will be appointed Active Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, pending approval at Genomma’s next Annual General Shareholders Meeting to be held in April 2023.

In accordance with the Company’s leadership succession plan, Mr. Rodrigo Herrera, Chairman of the Board informs that Marco Sparvieri, currently Genomma Lab’s Chief Operating Officer, will succeed Jorge Brake as Chief Executive Officer. Genomma’s succession plan ensures a six month transition period during which Mr. Brake and Mr. Sparvieri will be collaborating closely.

Mr. Brake, in his ongoing role as Active Vice Chairman, will remain actively involved in the Company’s strategic direction, corporate external relations, investor relations, new business opportunities and expansion, as well as the next phase of Genomma’s organizational transformation with important related oversight and involvement in shaping the Company’s future direction. Further, he will remain involved in mentoring and counselling Genomma’s operating executives as they develop within the Company. He will also actively participate in relevant company decisions as member of several Executive Committees that have been approved by the Board of Directors as part of Genomma’s renewed Governance Model.

“It has been an extraordinary experience to lead Genomma’s turnaround over these past four years and work with our outstanding people to transform Genomma’s organization, strengthen our culture through a growth-mindset evolution, and position the Company for even higher levels of growth and success. With a strong foundation and clear trajectory in place, now is the right time to implement our succession plan,” said Brake. “During Marco Sparvieri’s eight years with Genomma he has demonstrated leadership excellence and a strong track record of delivering results through an outstanding execution of the company strategy. His passion for innovation and teamwork are evident in our many achievements. The Board and I are confident that Marco is the right person to serve as Genomma’s next CEO and continue to accelerate our momentum.”

Following Brake’s appointment as CEO in 2018, he set in motion a profound strategic and cultural transformation anchored on evolving to a growth mindset while leveraging Genomma’s talent to drive growth as a cohesive team. His leadership has been a critical factor to Genomma’s achieving significant milestones and to the Company’s successful turnaround as a renewed multinational enterprise which today is well positioned to capitalize on important opportunities in its next evolutionary phase. Further, Brake has personally championed Genomma’s significant progress related to ESG, including the Company’s 2025 Sustainability Vision and Commitments.

Marco Sparvieri is a proven and seasoned business leader with an excellent broad based skill base and a deep understanding of the Company and its brands, who has developed a strong long term relationship with our customers and suppliers. All of which ensures his success in his new role as CEO. He began his tenure at Genomma initiating a transformational period during which he led the development of new Commercial and Supply Chain models, enabling the Company to expand its geographical and multi channel presence while integrating new products within its portfolio.

As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Sparvieri took an integral role in the subsequent phase of Genomma’s 2018 transformation period, and has been key at leading the Company’s strategy in the areas of Innovation, Go to Market, Supply Chain and Organization/People development over the last four years. During this period, his role and responsibilities have continued to expand behind a well-designed development plan.

Mr. Sparvieri joined Genomma Lab in 2014 after a successful 20 year career with Procter & Gamble, working in several geographies and roles. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina and has participated in several executive programs with top business education institutions.

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