HRE: Do you have a technology wishlist? Do you have any HR challenges that you wish a tech firm could magically solve?

Graham: One of my biggest headaches right now is just the talent acquisition side. The market has changed so dramatically because of the supply and demand. You have to move fast and it’s very unique in the U.S. to the point of people are having multiple offers and they will even sign an offer letter, and in two weeks, they’ll have multiple offers and they’ll drop out after they signed that offer, which is just very unusual.

So getting a tool or Workday investing in their recruiting tool to really help people accelerate the onboarding process is just key and very important right now.

HRE: We’re seeing people leaving jobs but when there are job openings, there are hundreds of resumes that are submitted. What’s going on?

Graham: I can tell you [that] the qualified candidates are few and far between versus the number of resumes that we’re seeing.

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