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Changes to the COVID-19 Case Definition

The numbers are on the rise — again. On Saturday, Clinton County added a whopping 112 cases of COVID-19.

The numbers are on the rise — again.

On Saturday, Clinton County added a whopping 112 cases of COVID-19. Centre County added 65 new cases of the deadly virus, while Lycoming added 83 cases.

Saturday’s new case counts were revised by the state to reflect re-infection cases not previously added in. As a result, the daily numbers are skewed significantly upward. The county totals look like this: Clinton County (5,540), Centre County (21,679) and Lycoming County (17,883).

According to the DOH, the national case definition was revised and is being implemented in Pennsylvania this week. Under the new national definition, an individual who tests positive more than once at least 90 days apart is counted more than once. Prior to the definition update, Pennsylvania was reporting positive individuals only once.

Also on Saturday, Pennsylvania added 5,426 new positives and DOH reported 15,800 older reinfection cases for an overall statewide total of 1,640,096.

With the 80 new COVID-19 deaths identified by the Pennsylvania death registry, a total of 32,359 Pennsylvanians have died as a result of the virus.

As of press time, the Sunday case counts were not reported by the DOH.

As far as hospitalizations are concerned, Pennsylvania has 2,649 COVID-19 inpatients, an increase of 40 since Friday, with 609 in intensive care (up 12) and 326 on ventilators (down 11).

Statewide, there were 2,567.7 average daily COVID hospitalizations from Nov. 5 to 11, down from 2,651.6 the prior week.

According to a DOH calculation, an estimated 92 percent of COVID-19 patients in the state have recovered. The calculation considers a case as recovered if it has not been reported as a death and it is more than 30 days past the date of the first positive test or onset of symptoms.

The statewide positivity rate was 10.3 percent, up from 9.3 percent the previous seven days. The commonwealth had 24,229 new positives between Nov. 5-11, 2,603 more than the prior week.

All 67 of Pennsylvania’s counties are at the highest level for community transmission of COVID-19 on the Centers for Disease Control scale, according to the latest county-level data update on Saturday.

Transmission levels are based on positivity rate and cases per 100,000 people for the previous seven days. At the substantial and high levels, CDC guidance recommends all people, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks in public indoor settings.

As far as vaccinations are concerned, statewide, 72.8 percent of adults and 61.4 percent of the total population are fully vaccinated. Pennsylvania is fifth in the nation for total doses administered, according the CDC.

Vaccines are available through your local healthcare providers as well as local pharmacies. Visit vaccines.gov to find a location.

For more information about COVID-19 or to take a closer look at the numbers, visit health.pa.gov.


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